General description of the valley

Tellesimo Valley, located in the municipality of Ragusa, Modica and Rosolini, is within the catchment area of the river Tellaro, forming a left tributary. Starting from Cava dei Servi and up to the confluence with the Tellaro, the valley stretches inside the range east longitude 14 ° 50 ’26’ – 14 ° 56 ’09 “and in the north Latitude 36 ° 56′ 57 ‘- 36 ° 53 ’56’. The high valley is bordered in the north-eastern part by the areals of c.da Bellocozzo, Carbonaro, Cozzo of Manzio, Pancari, and in the southwestern part by the areal of c.daFegotto, Margione, Cugno. It stretches running generally north-west / south-east, for about 14 km, starting from C.da Bellocozzo at an altitude of about 390 m above sea level, then gradually deepening until it goes into the valley of the Tellaro River at an altitude of about 110 m.

Geological aspects
Hydrogeological aspects
Geomorphological and karst aspects
Natural features
Archaeological features


Description of the route

Starting from the village of San Giacomo (fraction of Ragusa), go along the Provincial Road n. 55 towards Noto for about 2.4 km until you arrive at a sharp bend. Go straight ahead, leaving the SP 55 on the left, after about 1.5 km you’ll arrive at a gate of the State Forests Company in front of which you will park the vehicle. Entering on the right of the main gate, go along a dirt road that runs along the right side of the valley, called Cava dei Servi, until you reach the valley bottom. Along the way, it will be possible to observe the natural and archaeological uniqueness described above and set forth in the attached map.

Difficulty and duration

quite tricky route lasting about 2 hours



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