General description of the valley

The areal Conca del Salto, consists of a Northern sector stretching for about 600 m, bordered by a morphological jump of about 30 m where the waters of the Fiumara of Modica form waterfalls, and a part on the south of the mentioned waterfall, stretching for about 600 m, consisting of the so-called Conca, a natural amphitheater surrounded by slopes. This area is roughly within the east longitude 14 ° 44 ’03’ – 14 ° 43 ’30 “at an altitude of about 230 m above sea level, and the north latitude 36 ° 50′ 01 ‘- 36 ° 49’ 36 at an altitude of about 200 m above sea level. The high valley of the Conca is placed in the middle part of the Fiumara of Modica delimited by the areals Cozzo Cavadduzzo – Scardacucco on the west and by the areal Cozzo Pirato Grande on the east.

Geological aspects
Hydrogeological aspects
Geomorphological and karst aspects
Natural features
Archaeological features

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  Description of the route

Starting from Modica take the SP 54, which runs along the Fiumara, for about 3.3 km and then take a country lane that goes down on the valley. After crossing a small wooden bridge, continue along a path that leads up to a lookout terrace, from where you can admire the underlying Conca with the waterfall “Salto di Lepre”. Continuing the trail you’ll reach the valley bottom: there, going up the river bed, along the left side, you come right up to the waterfall. The cave, with its entrance in mid slope behind the waterfall, can be reached by climbing a steep slope before, and going through a narrow ledge later, the latter suspended several metres above the valley bottom.

Difficulty and duration

Average degree of difficulty as regards the approach to the pond and the waterfall Salto di Lepre. The last stretch as far as he entrance of Grotta del Salto is only recommended for experienced hikers. Travel time: about 2 hours.


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