General description of the valley
The Cava Grande, lying in the territory of Rosolini, extends approximately in the range between east longitude 14°49’56’ – 14°55’02” and in the north latitude 36°52’16’- 36°47’08”. The high valley is bordered in the north by the areal of St. Christopher all’Ulivella, Benevento, Cozzo Cistena, La Torre, in the southern part by the areals of the Tower of Finocchiara, Serra Palermo, Santa Croce, Barbieri. It stretches generally north-west / south-east and then east-west for about 10 km, starting from the upstream, called Porta di Ferro at an altitude of about 360 m above the sea level, where it takes the name of Cava Lazzero for the first two km up to the areal Timpe Rosse, near Rosolini, approximately 110 m above sea level.
Geological aspects
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