General description of the valley
The Cava d’Ispica, located between Modica, Rosolini and Ispica, extends approximately in the range east longitude 14 ° 49 ’56’ -14 ° 55 ’02 “and in the north latitude 36 ° 47′ 08″ – 36 ° 52 ’16”. The valley is bordered in the north by the areal of c.da Trebalate, Finocchiara, Grotticelli, Scorsone and Scalaricotta, in the southern part by the areal of c.da Calicantone and Crocifia. It stretches for about 15 km, with a north-west / south-east trend starting upstream from c.da Trebalatea at an altitude of about 400 m above the sea level, up to Parco Forza in Ispica at an altitude of about 80 metres above the sea level.
Geological aspects
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