General description of the valley
The Valley of Misericordia, located in the Municipality of Ragusa, is within the catchment area of the river Irminio and forms a right tributary, and extends between the end east longitude 14 ° 42 ’32’ – 14 ° 45 ’33 “and the north latitude 36 ° 57 ’34’ – 36 ° 56 ’20 “. The high valley is bordered in the north by the areals of contrada Canalicci and contrada Lauretta, and in the southern part by the areal of contrada Cilone, contrada Prato and Monte. It stretches for about 7 km, starting from contrada Cilone at an altitude of 640 m above the sea level, towards north-west / south-east, but the last stretch running from east to west, where its name changes into stream Ciaramite, goes into the valley of the Irminio River at an altitude of about 300 m above the sea level, near Contrada Monte.
Geological aspects
Hydrogeological aspects
Geomorphologic and karstic features
Natural features
Archaeological features



Description of the way
Starting from Ragusa, take the Provincial Road N. 10 in the direction of Chiaramonte Gulfi, FOR about 3.8 km, then continue turning to the right, along the SP No. 116 for about 2.4 km until you reach an entrance with a gate of the State Forestry. Entering the entrance for pedestrians, go along the forestry road until you reach a short staircase, on the left side of the valley, from which a path and and a flight of steps, made on the rocky slope, branch off. Go down the stairs and reach the bottom of the valley: from here, go up to the Gold Source and then continue along a narrow path in the mid-slope. Along this route, you can then gradually observe the natural singularities in the attached map.

Travel time and difficulty
Route of medium difficulty, lasting about 3 hours.

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