About us

The network called “Hyblean Valley Circuit”, has been conceived by “Associazione Culturale Sud”, which has captivated 10 partners among public authorities and privates.

Thanks to the funds provided by the Sicilian Region Department of Tourism, Sport and Shows, this network aims at strengthen the naturalistic tourism within the areas of the municipality of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Rosolini.

Its main goals are:

  • enhancement of the Hyblean Plateau, especially of its wonderful caves throughout Italy and abroad, by means of innovative tools;
  • deseasonalize the touristic offer in the area trough the on-line promotion of naturalistic routes and
  • promotions especially during the low season;
  • to enlarge the network through the subscription of new partners;
  • to keep the customers in the loop


  •  Associazione Culturale Sud
  •  Comune di Modica
  •  Comune di Rosolini
  •  Comune di Ispica
  •  C.I.R.S. – “Centro Ibleo di Ricerche Speleo-Idrogeologiche”
  •  Archeoclub d’Italia sede di Rosolini
  •  Country hotel “Casina Grotta di Ferro”
  •  Turismo Rurale “Silva Suri”
  •  Agesind Viaggi Gruppo Etli Meditur Srl
  •  Lory Viaggi di Loredana Leocata
  •  Società Cooperativa l’Isola